Custom Application Development

Our teams bring a disciplined approach to traditional and Agile project management that provides predictable results and minimizes risks. Regardless of your platform preference, we provide an objective perspective and expertise that extends beyond traditional custom software development. When packaged solutions and software aren’t sufficient or flexible enough for your enterprise, PMCS can custom-build applications to meet your needs – delivering on our promise of doing a common thing uncommonly.

PMCS custom application development professionals are technology experts with proven experience developing a variety of software applications, including:

  1. The DC Tuition Assistance Grant online application and backend processing solution that integrates with colleges/universities throughout the United States for processing over $300M in financial aid grants for students to go to college. This application received the Digital Education Achievement Award from the Center for Digital Government.
  2. The Direct Certification online processing and reporting system that automates the eligibility process for identifying low-income students that are categorically eligible to receive free meals. This application received a number of accolades from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and was highlighted in a 2013 USDA produced newsletter.
  3. Additional applications, such as Grants Management, and more.

We’ll look for ways to leverage existing architecture and tools to reduce costs as we design dynamic solutions to meet your needs.


  • Constantly changing business and technology requirements
  • Off-the-shelf products that don’t address needs
  • High costs to customize off-the-shelf products

PMCS ensures:

  • Their understanding of your requirements, challenges and environment
  • We are honest partners dedicated to solving issues
  • Scalable and extensible architectures
  • Reduced development cycles
  • Cost-effective custom applications that help you address functional gaps and achieve business goals
  • Operationally sustainable solutions
  • Increased speed to market through our use of Rapid Application Development (RAD) (Combined with our management methodology, we can reduce custom application delivery time by up to 45%.)

The Value

  • Solutions tailored exclusively to your needs
  • Automated & streamlined business processes
  • Increased efficiency, reduced costs & improved quality
  • User-friendly front-end internet solutions
  • Traceable & measurable metrics for managerial reports
  • Operationally sustainable processes
  • Robust back-end architecture
  • Greater flexibility for growth
  • Efficient and high-quality processes that solve problems and mitigate risks
  • High value ROI