Education Technology Solutions

PMCS has extensive experience helping educational institutions to improve technology, policies, reporting, data analysis, organizational restructuring and business processes.

We support constituents, state education agencies, local education agencies, schools, teachers, students and other decision makers.

Whether you’re looking to reorganize in order to better serve your customers or find ways to do more with less, PMCS has the education service expertise you need.

  • Our technology solutions significantly improve data quality allowing for effective, data driven decision-making.
  • Our business process re-engineeringcustom application development and data warehousing and business analytics services, combined with our education and change management strategies, provide holistic solutions to meet your education needs.
  • PMCS can help you improve data collection, standardization, analysis and reporting from early childhood through secondary education, postsecondary and workforce.

We link data across a variety of source systems by generating unique identifiers, such as students, staff and schools. Establishing policies, improving business processes, and implementing change management strategies ensures the sustainability of your education enterprise.


  • Inefficient organizational structure
  • Poor data quality
  • Discrepancy between data found in different source systems
  • No policies in place to govern data collection, standardization and improvement
  • Undocumented, inefficient and time consuming business processes
  • Technology and processes are not integrated
  • Multiple requests for the same types of data/reports from multiple people

PMCS Ensures

  • Education & IT policy integration
  • Data collection, standardization and reporting
  • Data quality improvement
  • Unique identifiers for students, staff and schools
  • Strategies to implement data-driven decision making
  • Data governance strategies
  • Solutions that link & report early childhood through 12th grade, postsecondary and workforce data

The Value

  • High data quality
  • Standardized data collection processes and policies
  • Data integration and centralization
  • Consistent reporting of education data
  • Business process improvements
  • Personnel that are accountable for data