Information Technology (IT) Solutions

Professional Management Consulting Services (PMCS) provides customer centric IT solutions that solve growing challenges, enhance operational performance and provide clear insight into system and process performance. Our goal is to build IT systems that provide management and executives with the ability to make data driven decisions.

Department of Health (DOH), Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Department of General Services (DGS) and Department of Employment Services (DOES). We have further supported numerous federal agencies, such as, but not limited to, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Coast Guard, Department of the Navy and Department of the Air Force.

Our executive leadership team has over 50 years of collective experience supporting government agencies and over 20 years of combined experience in Fortune 100 company management, which we use to govern our company processes. This unique experience has allowed PMCS to shape our policies, procedures and systems from a client perspective. We understand the importance of listening to customer needs. Because our employees uphold the highest levels of integrity and honesty, we passionately exceed client expectations. We provide the leadership, experience and execution of big business without the bureaucracy and exorbitant cost.

Our key areas:

Professional Management Consulting Services (PMCS) was the sole contractor on the Statewide Longitudinal Education Data (SLED) system and this company did a superior job.   The staff that was assigned to this project delivered based on the project plan and the quality of the product was beyond reproach.

– Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Project Director